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Bitsend Mining & Masternode / Re: Pool or Solo?
« on: 21. June 2017, 12:33:38 »
Uhh... sorry for my previous post.Atm you will get less what 25 coins from block,because of masternodes. :P

Bitsend Speculation / Re: Why bitsend price is falling ?
« on: 20. June 2017, 23:42:33 »
Just remember-In cryptos price is growing,and falling,but if development is moving ahead,price will grow for sure

Всех приветствую господа.Имейте крепкие руки,и высокие цели.Будьте терпеливыми,и вам воздастся. ;D


Сколько монет капает с мастер ноды , с 5 000 монетами (я где-то высмотрел что около 0,25 % в день - под 100% в месяц)?

Вот наткнулся на список
И не пойму там по неделям и есть повторяющиеся юзеры , т.е. можно несколько раз записываться ?
Вообще то для того что бы стать Мастернодой,надо иметь 25000 монет

Кто в курсе, с одной мастерноды примерно сколько в месяц монеток накапает?

На данный момент около 20 монеток в день

Is there also some  Masternodes profit calculator?

Is europecoin a partner of bsd?

Now a new comparison.

BItsend was now is getting in progress looks like the team of yours is really working it so hard well. I'll keep on eye of this project of yours, I wish you succeed on your goal in this campaign of yours. because as I can with it, BSD is honestly become potential.

This is what happens,if developers have clear head,and good plan for their coin :)

Hey guys!
Welcome all on board!Let's rocket it! 8)

Disn't know that. Very useful info.Thanks!

Bitsend Beginners & Help / Re: MasterNode
« on: 11. June 2017, 13:48:15 »
can I build a masternode on my windows laptop ? If it is then how ?

Yes,you can do that,with same instruction,what is in OP

Bitsend Beginners & Help / Re: Stupid question I know...
« on: 11. June 2017, 13:46:51 »
I don't know why it sync's so slow.Maybe your firewall is blocking some connections to nodes?

Bitsend Speculation / Re: Why bitsend price is falling ?
« on: 11. June 2017, 13:04:48 »
Haha,more up today!Looks promising.

Bitsend Mining & Masternode / Is it safe to run masternode?
« on: 09. June 2017, 16:32:56 »
How safe is running the Masternode?
What kind of attacks may happen while running Masternode?
How to protect my wallet against these attacks?

Thanks in advance!

Bitsend Mining & Masternode / Re: Pool or Solo?
« on: 09. June 2017, 16:24:23 »
Note: I'm mining on a few old PC's, nothing special, and a bit dated now Amd FX hex core with dual RX470 cards. But wondering, at the current levels, would it be better to solo mine or pool? I'm currently pool mining, but wondering if the reward would be greater if I was solo mining.

Currently mining on 2 old Dell 9010 desktops (i5) the AMD FX and an old testbed server with a 4 core Xenon.
I've been here for this industry for a couple of months. But honestly, until now I don't understand what is pool or solo? is this a kind of mining pool into bitsend BSD?
If you mine solo,there will be calculated only mining power of your local machine,and it is harder to get reward,instead of mining in pool.Pool is something like community,where people put their hashing powers together to get reward,and all miners will get some share of this reward(25 bsd).If you mine solo,and hit the block you will get 25 BSD

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