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Username BitSend: garmin
Username Slack: garmin
Username Bitcointalk: garmin
Bitcointalk link:;u=308447
BitSend Address: iPEij35GZeGkrjs5mEFM6WUR9pEDtxVZFn
Username BitSend: BTCWagering
Username Slack: BTCWagering
Username Bitcointalk: BTCWagering
Bitcointalk link:;u=301362
BitSend Address: iEMSvZgM8nTZ1Tdr1k9Kpn9uQWno4fLGLk

Thanks for the airdrop! Heard about this from some very satisfied members who said you guys are awesome, and so far I think so too)
Bitsend General Discussion / Re: Welcome in the new BitSend Forum
« Last post by ljp7839008 on 22. August 2017, 08:00:47 »
I hope this project will get more people's attention and Hope I can get in the airdrop campaign
Username BitSend: ljp7839008
Username Slack: ljp7839008
Username Bitcointalk: ljp7839008
Bitcointalk link:;u=200161
BitSend Address: i3iGazADT7B4DkdWNjh11AxDregBvhRk2q

please add me to this airdrop,thank you
Bitsend Mining & Masternode / Re: Very low hashrate in old GPU (r9 280)
« Last post by examplens on 22. August 2017, 02:03:53 »
What is the best card for BSD mining?
I am plan to buy few Rx 470 cards. Can you tell me How much he can Rx 470 to mine daily?
$8000 is too much money for me now, but i want to make masternode.  idea is that get 25k BSD from mining

Bitcloud 2.0 - BTDX - Your modern POS3.0 Masternodecoin

  • newest Dash/Pivx Core 12.2 with a cleanup from Limx Dev
  • multisend and autocombinedust function version 2 with timecontroll
  • BIP 38 tool
  • modern POS 3.0
  • only 25% already mined
  • blocktime 3min
  • 3 MB blocksystem
  • Algo Quark
  • POS3 6h staking minage
  • Masternode Amount 10,000 BTDX
  • Staking 40% / Masternodes 60 %
  • Max Coin in 8 Years ~42 Mio

Reward Structur
Phase__________________Block Height__________________Reward__________________
Initial0 - 20160,015 BTX
Phase 1x7884078840 150 BTX
Phase 2x78840157680 75 BTX
Phase 3x78840236520 37 BTX
Phase 4x78840315360 34 BTX
Phase 5x78840394200 30 BTX
Phase 6x78840473040 24 BTX
Phase 7x78840551880 18 BTX
Phase 8x78840630720 12 BTX
Phase 9x78840709560 7 BTX
Phase 10x78840788400 4 BTX
Phase 11x78840++867240 3 BTX

Wallet Download and Source

Explorer and more

....cooming soon


Old ANNThread and Snapshot

Snapshot from old Bitcloud Coin 1:1

Bitsend General Discussion / Re: Bitsend Airdrop for Bitcointalk Users 2016 - 2019
« Last post by MAbtc on 21. August 2017, 02:28:57 »
Username BitSend: MAbtc
Username Slack: @mabtc
Username Bitcointalk: MAbtc
Bitcointalk link:;u=73000
BitSend Address: iQzUz1H1Cc62cBdncTpG9tejaGPyhVWM3Z
Username BitSend: wmaurik
Username Slack: wmaurik
Username Bitcointalk: wmaurik
Bitcointalk link:;u=472651
BitSend Address: iBCjni7xnaXPYvLxH8xvYfTXAG9R68pZ3x
Username BitSend: fran2k
Username Slack: fran2k
Username Bitcointalk: fran2k
Bitcointalk link:;u=86588
BitSend Address: iLmx5abJJX9upup2gbKa2jY6MRUQvet8RM
Username BitSend: PandaMarketer
Username Slack: PandaMarketer
Username Bitcointalk: PandaMarketer
Bitcointalk link:;u=6357
BitSend Address: iCyb8g2o7F8skjhFP2FaXt99zTGWvKravX

please add me to this airdrop
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