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Bitsend Speculation / Re: Why bitsend price is falling ?
« Last post by Victorycoin on 13. June 2017, 00:05:56 »
The was the look of the market today  at Livecoin. Price actually touched 0.00034999 BTC , but not so with other exchange! What could have made it rise by that much at Livecoin?
Bitsend General Discussion / Re: Play the Bitsend dice game
« Last post by Victorycoin on 12. June 2017, 22:36:37 »
I spend some time testing Bitsend Dicer today with the free 0.10 BSD from faucet and it would ave been total fun but for the server, which is damned slow and I suppose that explains the reason there were very few players online.
airdrop still running a and now price bitsend higher  ;D
Hello Dev !

Username BitSend: 1977Vlad

Username Slack: 1977vlad

Username Bitcointalk: 1977Vlad

Bitcointalk link:;u=105089

BitSend Address:  iGGeb9EBuBAbk1VQ4eYWUWozkJCE1JAzjX

Bitsend General Discussion / Re: Bitsend Faucet
« Last post by Victorycoin on 12. June 2017, 19:21:36 »
bitsend has a faucet every 30 minutes
Have you try this bitsend faucet? if yes, so how is it? is it more convenient doing it or what?
I have tried the faucet twice and the payments landed in my wallet shortly. Unlike other faucets, there are no meddling captchas to fill here and I dont know about the 30 minutes interval above, what I saw on site was hourly!
Username BitSend: Victorycoin
Username Slack: victorycoin
Username Bitcointalk: Victorycoin
Bitcointalk :;u=541513
BitSend Address:   i3X9thP3qmZ3u86z8Kq4zLkYEnCCLWK6Pc
Overview Weekly Airdrop 12.06.17

Total members: 548 |Payout BSD: 30,96| Payout per member total BSD: 5083,62
Airdrop today per member: 15,20 $( total: 7365,00 $)
Supporter today: 2028,81 $
Airdrop total in Dollar: 475821,18 $

Everyone can join to our Airdrop! Info about the Airdrop here:
Payments will be issued on Mondays until 2019.
Best Regards,
Your Bitsend Team
thanks dev for my 6th payments .  ;)
Recently, I joined the BSD airdrop and I used my Android wallet address for this, but unfortunately, the transaction was completed but I did not received the payment. Is there something wrong with Bitsend or the Android apps? Thank you in advance.
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