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Mixed / Re: Bahasa Indonesia Perkenalan
« Last post by dombagarut on 30. July 2017, 19:33:08 »
Kaya nya user indo banyak di forum ini. Tapi koq sepi banget ya thread indo?? Share donk ilmu cryptocurrency nya disini juga,
HI Guys,

I cannot get the MN on Ubuntu running. Tried everything an followed every guide so I hope someone can help. When I try to start ./bitsendd I get;

noadmin@MEDEIA-MN2:~/.bitsend$ ./bitsendd
./bitsendd: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Tried removing and reinstalling;

optional, if problems with boost version:
$ sudo apt-get remove libboost*
$ sudo apt-get purge libboost*
$ sudo apt-get install libboost1.58-all-dev

noadmin@MEDEIA-MN2:~/.bitsend$ sudo apt-get install libboost1.58-all-dev
[sudo] password for noadmin:
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package libboost1.58-all-dev
E: Couldn't find any package by glob 'libboost1.58-all-dev'
E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'libboost1.58-all-dev'

But no luck. I already added the repository "Universe". Hope anyone can help.
Bitsend Speculation / Re: Why bitsend price is falling ?
« Last post by ankit10 on 30. July 2017, 09:46:41 »
I also hold my 80 percent of bitsend coins,.
Username BitSend: monbux
Username Slack: monbux
Username Bitcointalk: monbux
Bitcointalk link:;u=133846
BitSend Address: iJ2VX57fgMQCRVF3mnQEeec3HWh7ztrA4x
Username BitSend: IeSua
Username Slack: IeSua
Username Bitcointalk: IeSua
Bitcointalk link:;u=817592
BitSend Address: iKMA8VFA79nicHX2NgUsMvC1hN1JaThMGM
Bitsend Speculation / Re: Why bitsend price is falling ?
« Last post by indo1 on 29. July 2017, 15:37:32 »
I think some people is sell from their airdrop ,but I still hold my Bitsend because next year this will become big with strong team behind it
Bitsend Mining & Masternode / Re: XEVAN ALGO & CPU/GPU Miner
« Last post by ankit10 on 29. July 2017, 13:02:35 »
Here also window user.
Bitsend Mining & Masternode / Re: XEVAN ALGO & CPU/GPU Miner
« Last post by ra6e on 29. July 2017, 12:34:32 »
Well can u compile the last version with xevan for us, windows users plz? At least to try out
Bitsend Mining & Masternode / Re: XEVAN ALGO & CPU/GPU Miner
« Last post by konqueror on 29. July 2017, 12:15:58 »
I hope that what I will say next will help some less programming-savvy users like me:
1. at this moment there is no point to use a CPU to mine Xevan/X17 based coin(s) - it isn't feasible (excepting the case you have access to indecent amounts of CPU power in some cloud AND you don't pay for electricity).
2. I managed to compile xevan-ccminer on ubuntu 16.04 for my sorry-ass Nvidia GeForce GT 730 card (the 2048 MB DDR3 64-bit model) after a lot of fragmented searches through forums, wiki pages and Nvidia-jargon-loaded pages... On i get around 385-415 kH/s ... according to my miner's report anyway (in terminal, 'cause I didn't get lucky yet to find a block)...
3. key files for successful compilation (and running) were and (one really needs to edit only the last one if s/he has the correct driver AND Nvidia toolkit installed);
4. key info can be found on:
    - -- read and use your brain (it is not rocket science);
    - -- this is some awesome info!!!
Finally, my BSD address for all donations is... iNXcvSwdxcPzQb5RYKs9PTPPe2LY6HEazv

P.S. I will write a short tutorial about this subject if I see interest from community (please try to be patient and polite - nobody here likes a demanding "arschloch") ;)
P.P.S. Donations to dev/airdrop funds are equally appreciated - the choice is yours.

It compiles without problems but xevan algo is removed with the latest commit. With which version you have 385-415 kH/s?
Bitsend Mining & Masternode / Re: Cuda Miner?
« Last post by ra6e on 29. July 2017, 10:52:59 »
I wasn't able to compile it on windows (missing files?) . Someone said he was able to compile in linux. But wouldn't provide binaries or a step by step instructions. So still waiting...
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