[Guide] How to run the Bitsend Windows Wallet on Android Phone

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There are three things that need to be downloaded to run Bitsend Windows using Android.

  • CrossOver

    Currently (4 April 2017), Codeweaver haven't released a beta version or the latest version that can be used by the users. Even the link of the file for the alpha version is no longer found. However, there are a couple of bitsend community has managed to download the alpha version of CrossOver before the link is removed by the owner of the website Codeweaver.

    You can download in https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-B_AhuJ3i10REFpWWdaN3dIR0E

    There is still a lot of bugs in this application, but can still be used to run the bitsend wallet smoothly on Android phone. Are encouraged to users, if Codeweaver has released a paid version of the application, the user is expected to use the paid version to appreciate the work of the owner of the application.

  • Root Explorer

    You can search root explorer anyway on play.google.com page for downloaded.  You can't using your Default Android Explorer if you want to edit a bitsend.conf in crossover android, like you want to edit addnode or add token masternode, the file is located in the android filesystem that is completely hidden (already getting attributes hidden).

  • Bitsend Windows

    You can download in https://github.com/LIMXTEC/BitSend/releases

Step by step running bitsend windows in Android Phone :
  • Copy Bitsend Wallet into SDCard or Internal Memory, up to you.
  • Install CrossOver and Root Explorer has been downloaded
  • Sign into CrossOver Application
  • Cursor in CrossOver using touch hand.  Once the Crossover has been open to perfection, the next step is open a Wine Explorer by clicking Starts > Builtin Tools > File Explorer.
  • With the Wine Explorer that opened, find an .exe file from your bitsend wallet which any in SDCard or Internal Memory.
    There are a few bugs here, sometimes on the folder / file can not be clicked through the touch of a hand. You can use the keyboard icon appears on the screen on the right.

    go to keyboard settings to turn the feature Text Editing in order to use  arrow key.

    Then the screen will appear like this, use the arrow key to navigate the folder selection.

  • Once the file from bitsend wallet has been found, click the Enter Key to run the application bitsend wallet.

  • The first time  Bitsend Wallet  opened, it will take quite a long time when compared to open through the computer.

  • Sightings of Bitsend Wallet… but existing balances. Why? Because impossible I would sync from the beginning, it's too long. so I'm copying my wallet data that exist in the APPLICATION DATA of the computer to the APPLICATION DATA application simulator crossover  ;D

  • APPLICATION DATA folder on the CodeWeaver Android located at path of directory "/data/data/com.codeweavers.cxoffice/files/prefixes/default/drive_c/users/crossover/Application Data/"

    For sign unto android directory, use the your Root Explorer favorite

  • For running masternode, please follow the guide that exist on http://bitsend.info/forums/index.php?topic=11.0 page

    Don't forget to editing bitsend.conf for configuring masternode

    Note !
    You can't copy paste a  masternode token from bitsend wallet console in crossover application to your editor application... because a bug in the crossover appication.  you can take a screenshot the screen of your masternode, then write token masternode manually through your keyboard to text editor.

  • Masternode has been sucessfully executed

    Applications CrossOver sometimes is not possible to interrupt with other applications, so if you're running other applications while bitsend wallet in CrossOver is active, then CrossOver will shutdown and automatically also bitsend wallet will be closed.

Kind Regards bb2ebb


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