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would like to change my address because bittrex doesnt let me withdraw


Bitsend Beginners & Help / Re: I need some help
« on: 14. October 2017, 18:14:55 »
you typed wrong address for the airdrop or the problem caused by the android wallet

Bitsend Beginners & Help / Re: Why I cant reply to this forum
« on: 13. October 2017, 18:30:39 »
i have no idea whats happening to your account , you are able to post or the thread is possibly deleted while your replying to it

Bitsend Beginners & Help / Re: MasterNode
« on: 13. October 2017, 18:27:07 »
i suggest it running on vps rather than your laptop you might encounter problems while running it

Bitsend Speculation / Re: Why bitsend price is falling ?
« on: 13. October 2017, 18:22:36 »
Why bitsend price is just going down and down  :'( ? what are the chances of recovering it back or how long it can take time ?
What are you guys doing with your BSD? If you're letting it lie idol in your wallets or immediately dump it all too soon you receive them, then we aren't doing much to spur up demand for the coin, which is what to drive the price up from time to time.
there are people who will buy bitsend while people is dumping them bitsend will recover immediately after the bitcoin price fall or some good news about bitsend

Bitsend Beginners & Help / Re: BitSendFaucet
« on: 17. June 2017, 14:37:57 »
i really like the faucet not like other ones who have alot ads on the website and captcha to claim , this doesnt have ads and captcha

hello guys im new at this forum (not that new) its good to be part of this community

will the masternode still continue to work even you reinstall windows?
Which machine are you talking about? Local one? Once you set this up, you don't need to have the wallet.dat on a online system anymore.
yes im talking about the local one , can you still turn off masternode and withdraw bitsend on the masternode wallet?

Bitsend Speculation / Re: Why bitsend price is falling ?
« on: 14. June 2017, 08:21:51 »
The was the look of the market today  at Livecoin. Price actually touched 0.00034999 BTC , but not so with other exchange! What could have made it rise by that much at Livecoin?
probably somebody bought the coin at high price by accident or maybe he did it on purpose

Bitsend General Discussion / Re: Trade with the best!
« on: 14. June 2017, 08:05:01 »
It is so nice to see and to do some trade with bsd especially in bittrex, due there is an upside down in the price value
in the market. Which in the near future it will increase more more than I expected.
yeah the bitsend price continue to drops lets hope it will touch 1$ or even more so we can sell our bitsend at higher price

Bitsend General Discussion / Re: Bitsend Faucet
« on: 14. June 2017, 07:59:24 »
Yes it's a very easy to use Faucet, one of the best I've ever tried in fact.
agreed unlike other faucet the page does have alot of ads and captcha and this bsd faucet none

will the masternode still continue to work even you reinstall windows?

Overview Weekly Airdrop 12.06.17

Total members: 548 |Payout BSD: 30,96| Payout per member total BSD: 5083,62
Airdrop today per member: 15,20 $( total: 7365,00 $)
Supporter today: 2028,81 $
Airdrop total in Dollar: 475821,18 $

Everyone can join to our Airdrop! Info about the Airdrop here:
Payments will be issued on Mondays until 2019.
Best Regards,
Your Bitsend Team
just asking dev i didnt receive airdrop but somebody next to me got airdrop im wondering if you missed me

Bitsend General Discussion / Re: A few questions.
« on: 13. June 2017, 08:44:38 »
How much can someone expect to receive with a masternode?

How the hell do you expand the topics on this forum, I can only list like 5 threads to a page.

what is master node anyway? and what does it can do to the bsd holder?
is this something we can get benefits in the future?
you receive bitsend every block found but you need a huge amount of bitsend to activate it which is 25k bitsend , its like a
safe investment

Bitsend Mining & Masternode / Re: Pool or Solo?
« on: 13. June 2017, 07:52:48 »
if you can find a block with your hash power its better to do solo because you get all of the block reward , pool has a fees if you want to maximize your earnings you go solo only if you can find a block

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