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Bitsend General Discussion / Re: Greetings
« on: 07. November 2017, 15:00:46 »
Hello Community,

I found my way to you today and read through the information. Unfortunately, I had to realize that only members from Rank "Senior Member" are accepted. It's a real shame, because I'm still "Jr Member", but I also like this limitation, because it makes the project more valuable and we are not overrun by newcomers. I very much hope that someday I may be one of you. Until then I can show my presence and activity here in the forum :)
Welcome on board!

Bitsend Beginners & Help / Re: Is possible mine this coin with gpu?
« on: 03. November 2017, 12:18:41 »
Hello I am newbie user, I want to knonw ifis possible to mine this coin with nvidia gpu? and if is possible which mining software I must use and which pool do you recommend.. Thanks
There is cuda miner for bsd,but it is not compiled.Check the gihub.

Bitsend Beginners & Help / Re: I need some help
« on: 03. November 2017, 12:17:29 »
Maybe you have linked wrong address?

Bitsend General Discussion / Re: A few questions.
« on: 03. November 2017, 12:14:30 »
There you can see the stats.

Bitsend General Discussion / Re: How many bitsend ?
« on: 01. November 2017, 13:39:13 »
we dont know what you are asking but the value of 1btc is $0.456555.

Bitsend General Discussion / Re: Upgrading to 0.14
« on: 31. October 2017, 23:52:49 »
So my question is the Bitsend Core 1.27.2 wallet going to be non functional in the future?

If I need to upgrade, copying over wallet.dat will be just fine?
Yes,you should be fine,with copying wallet.dat

Bitsend General Discussion / Re: Burstcoin New Mining Pool Opened
« on: 31. October 2017, 23:51:30 »
Hey everyone, I recently launched a mining pool at The website is live at I am looking for a few miners to test things. It's currently running off the git from with a few modifications on my part. สมัครแทงบอลเงินสด

Everything should be good to go, but I need some test miners to find some blocks, so if you'd like to mine there go at it. Thanks! แทงบอลเงินสด
I thought,it is BSD General Discussion

What is the best card for BSD mining?
I am plan to buy few Rx 470 cards. Can you tell me How much he can Rx 470 to mine daily?
$8000 is too much money for me now, but i want to make masternode.  idea is that get 25k BSD from mining
Well,it will take some time,to mine 25k BSD))Good luck on it!

25000 BSD, this is like selling my car and then i can send it to my wallet for master node, no man. Why is it so high?
Who the hell has this kind of money ?
Take a look at Dash.One Masternode of Dash is worth about 360k right now,so 25 000 Bsd to run MN is like nothing))

Да 25000 битсендов - достаточно приличная сумма  :)
Представь какая цена будет для ноды если бсд на +500% подскочит :D

Я смотрю - в этом сообществе русскоязычных просто валом:) от куда вы все?

Bitsend Speculation / Re: Why bitsend price is falling ?
« on: 23. July 2017, 13:41:28 »
Why bitsend price is just going down and down  :'( ? what are the chances of recovering it back or how long it can take time ?
What are you guys doing with your BSD? If you're letting it lie idol in your wallets or immediately dump it all too soon you receive them, then we aren't doing much to spur up demand for the coin, which is what to drive the price up from time to time.
I just leave coins in peace in my wallet for long therm

Bitsend General Discussion / Re: BitSend voting
« on: 23. July 2017, 13:39:26 »
more exchanges- more users! ;)

Bitsend Mining & Masternode / Re: Pool or Solo?
« on: 21. June 2017, 12:33:38 »
Uhh... sorry for my previous post.Atm you will get less what 25 coins from block,because of masternodes. :P

Bitsend Speculation / Re: Why bitsend price is falling ?
« on: 20. June 2017, 23:42:33 »
Just remember-In cryptos price is growing,and falling,but if development is moving ahead,price will grow for sure

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