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HI, i am not able to mine using the new wallet , i dont understand what the issue is.
I have no issues whatsoever when i use the older version -
I am using sgminer as per normal -> sgminer -k xevan -o -u worker -p x
My .conf file is the same conf file being used in %Appdata%
Please assist me, i dont understand why this is an issue.

Bitsend General Discussion / Re: Bitsend Airdrop for Bitcointalk Users 2016 - 2019
« Last post by sendit on 18. October 2017, 18:54:48 »
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General discussion / Hello everyone
« Last post by pom007 on 18. October 2017, 17:26:48 »
      Hey everyone, I am really struggling to understand the difference between BitCoin, BitSend and BitCore (from the BitSend creators, apparently). I am not sure if I should buy in or not. Could somebody enlighten me? I could only find a forum page for BitCore that didn't explain much to me... แทงบอลสเต็ป
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 the Dual KGW3.I thought I can use as Bitcoin wallet address, but all I can see was btx,and this btx
Bitsend Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Dual KGW3
« Last post by Zodamacoomza on 18. October 2017, 12:04:41 »
through it.  the Dual KGW3.
Bitsend General Discussion / Re: Bitsend Airdrop for Bitcointalk Users 2016 - 2019
« Last post by zasko on 17. October 2017, 20:42:13 »
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