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Username Bitcointalk:andibongkol
Username BitSendforum:andibongkol
Username Slack:andibongkol
Bitcointalk profillink:;u=908648;sa=summary
BitSend Address: iRbCaAwVpdCyETnDDCd9iRvEpUjVFdrCbs
Would like to take part in Nitsend airdrop.

Username Bitcointalk: hopenotlate
Username BitSendforum: hopenotlate
Username Slack: hopenotlate
Bitcointalk profillink:;u=177723
BitSend Address: i9UAAxKTTyB7TTuD82zhkUxpY63uBxhouz

Let me please know if there is something else I should do to join this airdrop, thanks.
Username Bitcointalk: Ruudcrypto
Username BitSendforum: Ruudcrypto
Username Slack: Ruudcrypto
Bitcointalk profillink:;u=1121873
BitSend Address: iCyrbiiU3n5GPWgBLCwnW2R6ynkbgQm7br
Username Bitcointalk:abramovich
Username BitSendforum:abramovich1
Username Slack:abramovich
Bitcointalk profillink:;u=301299
BitSend Address:iAHmPbtP86YtdecFEgxn8vL2aAKXCByAaZ
Bitsend General Discussion / Re: NEED HELP BTSEND WALLET AND ADRESS
« Last post by Neelaksh123 on 17. October 2017, 02:51:27 »
wait sometime we will solve your problem shortly.
Thank you
Terms and Conditions
  • The Airdrop will run from the 25.04.2016 to the 22.04.2019
  • The payments are usually sent out every Monday. If I'm unavailable for whatever reason, the payments will be sent out as soon as possible.
  • The maximum number of users is 1000 Users. We will pay out a maximum of 10 000 BSD per week (520 000 BSD per Year). The paid out amount will be proportionally distributed among all users (plus additional donations). It is also possible that there will be additional payouts during public holidays.
  • You only need to register once for this campaign. You will automatically receive future payments.
  • You need to be a Senior Member or above on Bitcointalk, and the account needs to be older than 1 year. Alt accounts are not allowed and will result in a permanent ban from the airdrop.
  • If you are inactive on Bitcointalk for 2 months (no posts), you will be removed from the airdrop. In this case, you will have to re-apply and you will be added back into the list.

How to register?
  • Register on the BitSend Forum.
  • Join the BitSend Slack Team (with the same username).
  • Create a post in this thread in the format specified below.
  • Send a PM to dishwara on Bitcointalk.

PM/Post Format:
Code: [Select]
Username Bitcointalk:
Username BitSendforum:
Username Slack:
Bitcointalk profillink: Example;u=1337
BitSend Address: We recommend not to use Exchanges or mobile Apps!

Everyone can donate for this Airdrop to the following address: i5w5rDj2nHXrGqkzctTsVfu2FwdXxeqBpd.
Bitsend General Discussion / Re: Bitsend Airdrop for Bitcointalk Users 2016 - 2019
« Last post by cimpex on 17. October 2017, 00:07:34 »
Username Bitcointalk: cimpex
Username BitSendforum: cimpex
Username Slack: cimpex
Bitcointalk profillink:;u=88204
BitSend Address: iQaMfa6YSBUo52agiL18afDodbYUNyHKwo

Thank you!
I would like to be on your airdrop.

Username Bitcointalk: parentibule
Username BitSendforum: parentibule
Username Slack: parentibule
Bitcointalk profillink:;u=1043114
BitSend Address: iNFVxcz8DjWjmmWjLNNgGPU9CCBQvX9bFp
Hi! I like to participate!

Username Bitcointalk: Leonid SI
Username BitSendforum: Leonid SI
Username Slack: Leonid SI
Bitcointalk profillink:;u=974953
BitSend Address: 1KQP6VqrUT1wN4wSvSYHiTGnhCBU9jvt1y

Thanks in advance!
Username Bitcointalk: sebinator
Username BitSendforum: lawbreaker
Username Slack: lawbreaker
Bitcointalk profillink:;u=1155509
BitSend Address: 1B3dsgB8qw32PJqvHLXGrwtT2xSi12n8Rt
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