Which of the following do you agree to the most?

Classic block halving every X amount of time (similar to Bitcoin) with the total supply unchanged.
7 (70%)
Classic block halving every X amount of time with the total supply reduced.
3 (30%)
I don't support you any block reward halving.
0 (0%)
Other (please elaborate in a post).
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 10

[v0.14.0] Changes to the Supply

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[v0.14.0] Changes to the Supply
« on: 24. August 2017, 09:08:23 »
Hello everyone.

With the upcoming release of the v0.14.0 wallet, we were wondering whether changes to the emission rate of BitSend would be beneficial to the coin and whether its something that the community desires. Therefore, we've decided to run a poll with the 4 following option:
1) This option would only extend the PoW period (e.g. to 100 years), but leave the maximum total supply unchanged (at 100 Mil BitSend).
2) This option would both extend the PoW period, and reduce the maximum total supply (remember that coins are divisible).
3) Select this option if you don't agree with such a proposal at all.
4) Select this option if you plan on proposing a suggestion in a post.

Remember, currently BitSend does not have any reward halving and the PoW period is to last ~30 years at most.


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