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« on: 10. July 2016, 09:46:19 »
1a. Backup wallet.dat from old unswapped europecoin
1b. Download new wallet: https://github.com/LIMXTEC/Europecoin-V3/releases
1c. Install it. You can run the old wallet and the new wallet together by creating a shortcut of the new
    europecoin-qt.exe and run with following addition -choosedatadir ---> it will start and ask you for the
    name of the new folder; it should be different than the old ERCV2-folder

    Be sure, that you really have the old wallet with version!!! Only these version can transfer
    the old coins to swapserver. If you havee  Version or even older, so make sure, to go to ERC V2.0.3.0.
    Link is here:

2. Go to following link: http://www.europecoin.eu.org/swap-tool-erc

3. Press the 'Continue' button

4. Go to 'Account'  http://imgur.com/a/RrZnv

5. Click on 'Change' to fill in your new ERCwalletaddress from ERC V3.

6. For more security set a password.

7. Save your unique URL somewhere. Its also important for some delays or whatever could happen.
   Tell your Service Token only "szenekonzept", "Limx Dev" or "metamorpin" from Bitcointalk.

8. Click deposit. You reach the new swap-deposit-address, where you can send now your old coins.

9. By clicking reload symbol near of Balance, you should see after a while your incoming old coins on the
   swapserver. Or you click on pending deposit under 'Deposit' http://imgur.com/a/MXJQr

10. Wait now till monday. We are transfering the new coins always on monday.

11. last hint of chris:

  Please Note:

  - Please create for every transaction a new withdraw address.
  - Your received for 10 ERC one new ERC (10:1).
  - The payout day for new ERCs is always Monday.
  - Please use your account only for one transaction! ( Remove your cookis for a new account)
  - The minimum amount is 250 old erc.
  - We pay only full new ERC ( 250.007 old ERC = 25 new ERC).

12. Our first timeperiod should be around 6 months. We will announce still the exact date after the first smooth
    swapped coins.

Enjoy now the new ride of ERC V3.

Before I close my briefing for you -

PRAISE our awesome developer team. We wouldnt be here, if Chris wouldnt go line for line through the unique
code of ERC. We wouldnt be known, if Matthias wouldnt manage the marketing and lead the coin. And we couldnt complete
the 3 Musketeer team without me.

If you wanna show your love for their work, so here is their ERCV3 wallet: EZd4RKp6N91q6EHtm3e9aoCqa5Pb66qFSj



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